OHM conducts Bhajans the second Saturday of every month at the home of one of its members who volunteer to host it.

Pooja usually begins at 5 PM, followed by Satsang, Bhajans, followed by Arthi and Prasad. Vegetarian food will be served after the event. The host of the Bhajana is requested to arrange the pot luck details.

Below sequence and format for conducting puja was introduced recently, with –
– Pooja : 5- 6 pm
– Bhajan : 6 – 7 pm
– Satsang : 7 – 7:30 pm
– Aarthi : 7:30 pm
– Announcements from OHM, and information on next puja
– followed by dinner and some social time.

During Mandala Maasam, Pooja will be conducted every week. If you are interested in hosting the Bhajana, please contact any OHM official or volunteer, or use our Contact Us form on website. You can view upcoming Bhajanas from the Calendar Section of the left menu or from the homepage.

OHM is pleased to share our newly compiled eBhajan book. You are welcome to print and or download to your tablet and use during our pooja.

Please contact us if you would like to host any monthly puja.
If you are new to this community, even if you are not a member but want to attend a Puja, please come by and attend the next upcoming puja. Kindly contact the Host directly to find more information, or contact any OHM official or volunteer.