The highlight of our programs is the Onam and Sri Narayana Guru Jayanti celebrations conducted in the fall season every year. It includes a sumptuous Ona Sadya and hours of high quality entertainment programs presented by members of the OHM family.

We have a Picnic every year during the summer months – where all family members of OHM get together outdoors for a day of games, food, competitions and pure fun.

Our Youth talent day showcases performances by the younger members in the community, and a key focus for the organization. From kindergärtners to college graduates, we present musical and dance numbers, play instruments, conduct skits and show off our budding talents.

On Swati Thirunal Day, conducted every year in the spring season, we have an opportunity to go pure classical. It is a full day program divided into several sessions, with numerous singers from various communities rendering and performing melodious Swathi Thirunal compositions. It is an experience worth indulging in, for those of you who keep in touch with our musical traditions.

The Ravi Varma Memorial Arts Contest (RVMAC) is another event offered by OHM in the spring months, and conducted alongside the Swati Tirunal music festival. For the past 7 years, this event has discovered and honored artistic talents in several kids and adults in the community, and exhibited numerous paintings in memory of the legend, Raja Ravi Varma.

In late October, we also conduct an annual fund-raiser Banquet in aid of the EducateAkid scholarship program, a charitable arm of OHM.

And of course we have our Pooja every month (and every week during mandalam season) – where we get together in one of our members homes and sing bhajans as a group, followed by a pot luck vegetarian dinner.